JJ Knight Bones Zak Bishop! | Trailer

JJ Knight wanted a real special guy for his CockyBoys initiation, and unsurprisingly, he really clicked with Zak Bishop. Zak's a versatile bottom while JJ's a versatile top. Adding to that is the fact that JJ has one of the largest, hottest cocks we've seen in a while on a new guy — a girthy 9.5" to be exact — and the open-minded Zak was eager to take on the whole thing in as many ways as possible!

What also made their chemistry especially hot was how verbal both JJ and Zak were with each other in the initial throes of their hot nail. JJ did not hesitate telling Zak he wanted him to use his hand, lips, and throat when giving him a hot blowjob, and Zak obeyed his every command. Making JJ moan only added fuel to Zak's fire… he was giddy to prove he could take all 9.5" up his tight bubble Amateur Ass!

After a proper rimming and finger-pound, JJ started slow-Amateur Fucking Zak deep from behind standing up and pressed against the window sill. Once they found a solid rhythm, JJ only went rougher and faster. They quickly fumbled to the bed where Zak rode JJ's big Amateur Dick facing away from him at first and then turning to lock eyes while JJ's pelvis slapped against Zak's tight cheeks. JJ needed to have full control for the final leg, so he set Zak on his back and jack-ramed him deep in a customized version of standard missionary, where only Zak's shoulders rested on the bed. Zak came within minutes with JJ's Amateur Dick still firmly plowing into his prostate. JJ then shot an equally enormous load on Zak's chest that left both guys speechless — quite an impressive bookend for JJ's first CockyBoys scene!



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