What can I say about GRAPPLD? We (Sam and myself, JP) had a ridiculous amount of fun with the production of this brilliant movie. From the concept down to teaching the guys a few wrestling moves, every part was fun! The set was nothing short of beautiful, a perfectly built and constructed wrestling ring, we were genuinely sad to take it down when we’d finished! 4 scenes, 2 wet and 2 dry. Sam came up with the majority of the movie concept and the design, he seriously did well here. The idea for the wet wrestle element was a stroke of genius and having a gunge element was really pushing the boat out in terms of the kink, it’s pretty out there! It’s a very specialist fetish and also a bit of a secret fetish of mine (JP) well, I guess it’s not a secret any more! We left the cameras rolling all through the production and the photography, which caught some really fun moments. We always have a good laugh with the guys when we shoot, I guess because we’re porn actors too we’re just like one of the boys, I never really feel like the boss, except when I’m giving direction. Complete with after scene interviews enjoy 30 minutes of bumper behind the scenes footage!



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