GRAPPLD – Round 4

It’s Red vs Blue, with JP Dubois in the blue corner in a blue wrestling singlet and Riley Tess in the Red corner and corresponding gear. Riley is giving JP a full on grimace, looking meaner than any wrestler before him. JP looks clam, determined and ready to take him on. Between them lies a huge black pool, filled with evenly distributed and perfectly split, brightly coloured red and blue gunge! Red on one half and blue on the other. This is going to get messy and I mean REALLY messy! The guys carefully step in to the pool, taking care not to slip over, JP nearly topples on the first step, must be slippy bone! Down to their knees, lowering the centre of gravity and the chances of falling over, they lock into position, hands around the back of each other’s neck , one on the waist, foreheads pressed together, eyes fixed to eyes and deadly serious. Serious, even though this will probably be the most fun wrestle we’ve seen yet, there’s no way they will keep a straight face when they go over! Everything tightens up and they start to struggle. JP is the first to go over, getting his back covered. They grapple around getting a light coating of the colourful fuck, JP’s perfect bubble Amateur Ass looks exceptional covered in bright shiny bang, we can tell why he likes rubber gear so much! Riley gets a few splats to the face, somehow! Within the first minute both guys are completely covered in gunk and crisp blue and red has very quickly turned into purple! Head to toe, hair, the lot. The wrestle goes on, though the guys just have no grip whatsoever, it’s a real struggle and both guys are getting out of breath. You can tell they’re having fun, lots of laughs, smiles and plenty of crotch grabbing and arse slapping to boot! Panting turns into a lustful and extremely sloppy, gunge dripping kiss. They have fun turning grabbing and grappling each others bodies into a horny and sloppy feel-up, well everything feels better when it’s lubed up! Singlet and slime covered boners get released, Riley is first to go down on JP’s big Amateur Dick, hands running up his ripped gunge covered body, the purple goo sinking into all his defined bits. Riley sucks him for all he’s worth, deep throating and showing off his skills. JP’s turn and he tries to make the scene filthier than it already is, spitting gunge all over his dick before sucking it off, choking and gagging while he deep throats, which is only turning him on more. Peeling the soaking singlet off Riley and bending him over he smothers his back in the gunk, rubbing it over his arse before he rams him. Sliding his enormous dick up his hole, Riley moans with total pleasure, he’s a huge boy but that’s how Riley likes it! Hammering and slapping away, grunting and splashing in a sea of gunge, this is hot and wet poke! JP gets onto his back and a dripping Riley straddles him, sitting down deep on his fat cock and starts to ride him. The gunge dripping down and splashing with every bounce and thrust. JP’s abs crunched up hard as he tried to stay in control and in position, they lock eyes once again with intense dirty passion, kissing and bringing Riley close to the edge. He shoots hard over JP’s tight muscular body, only adding to his already messy skin. Pushing Riley over JP stands over him and wanks his cock furiously, shooting all over his’s hairy body. Well, they were already messy as ram!



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