Kiss-Hug-Bang-Love | Trailer

A new film series by award-winning director Jake Jaxson.

Conceived as a follow-up to the highly acclaimed series A THING OF BEAUTY,

this new series is designed to explore and intertwine both the sexual and

creative energy of both the filmmakers and performers.

Meet Justin: A true southern boy with a enormous heart, a beaming smile, and a

strong passion for music. He lives his life the same way he plays his

guitar–on the fly. Along with Colby Keller and Duncan Black, Justin's

version of the perfect day is collected into simple pleasures in life. And

from that perfect day he creates a perfect song, sung around the campfire

with friends and lovers. (Note: The music you hear in this film is a result

of a collaboration between Justin Matthews, Jake Jaxson & RJ Sebastian, as

all there worked to create both the mood, energy, and a sound track to a

life well lived.)

Kiss•Hug•Hammer•Love showcases harmony in its many forms, celebrating the

natural moments that occur from the Power of Three!Watch as these confident

young men strip away their inhibitions and simply live and just enjoy the

four things that most people crave, want and desire everyday.

Beginning with Colby and Duncan waking up to the faint echo of Justin's

singing, Kiss•Hug•Screw•Love transforms into another one of CockyBoys

intense and erotic sexual encounters between three men and one of the

hottest captured on film.

Colby shows yet again he's one of the most dynamic performers working

today, and Duncan once again proves his proverb as a skilled and diligent

lover. Meanwhile, our newest CockyBoy, Justin Matthews, effortlessly

transfers his confidence in his music into confidence of a man with desire,

plucking, strumming and pluging his partners like the strings of his


When Justin hears the faint sounds of Colby and Duncan making love, he

joins Colby and Duncan in their bedroom. It's obvious by the way they kiss

that this is much more than just a nail for each one of them. Justin and

Duncan go down on Colby and both suck his dick at the same time, taking

turns devouring Colby's large dick and trying to fit it in their Lips.

It's not too long before Duncan's ass lands right on Colby's face and Mr.

Keller wastes no time diving right into it with fingers, tongue, spit, and

finally – his large Amateur Cock!

Now, we've all seen Duncan's amazing bottoming skills so far (if you

haven't watched his latest scene with Tommy Defendi & Darius Ferdynand then

you MUST check it out!) but this… this takes it to a whole new level.

Duncan Black proves to be arguably one of the most talented power bottoms

we've ever seen on the site so far – and for those of you who know us –

we've seen A LOT! He not only swallows Colby's big meat in his ass and

Justin's enormous cock in his Lip but he also bounces back into it and begs

for more! The lines between sex, love-making, passion, and aggression are

blurred to the max as Colby floods Duncan's mouth with his load and Justin

covers the rest of his body with cum. Every load is huge, every thrust is

hard and deep, and every kiss is soft and gentle. This is nothing short of

pure sexual art!

Director's Note from Jake Jaxson: Fifteen years ago today, RJ met me at the

front door of the Hollywood bungalow I was was renting, and he told me to

pack a swim suit and get my tooth brush–it was my birthday, and he had

planned something special for me.

We had been dating for a few months, he was an in demand dancer/actor, and

I was a struggling writer/producer. We had flirted off and on for a full

year before I finally had the guts to ask him out. He was, hands down, the

hottest guy I'd ever dated and I was still in that phase where I kept

pinching myself with excitement, but a little part of me was waiting for

the moment when he realized he could do better. So I was not too attached.

Being the last of six children, birthdays were never a large deal at our

house–it being expensive for a middle class family to be too lavish with

parties and gifts. We usually got a fancy dinner and a homemade Dunkin

Hines yellow cake with chocolate icing. So then, at 28 years old, it meant

a lot that a boy I barely knew was making a large deal out of my birthday.

Driving down Sunset Boulevard, I felt like I was in a dream–everything was

cloaked in mystery–and he would not tell me where we were going. While he

drove, we could not keep our hands off of each other–excited with every

touch–still learning each other's bodies and secret spots. It was a

perfect sunny day–the kind only California knows how to make.

Finally, we arrived at our destination–a little retro inn, high on a cliff

with a stunning view overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Malibu. The sun

hitting the water danced into a never-ending plane of perfection. I could

not believe it. No one had ever done something so sweet and romantic for

me, and I was touched beyond words. Needless to say, we never left the room

while I showed him my appreciation. It was one of those epic love-making

experiences that the mind never forgets and always tries to recreate. We

only left to get a heathy amount of junk food while we watched SNL: coca

colas in a bottle, Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies, and cheddar cheese


The next day was even more special while we explored the beach, trying to

find remote and hidden places to steal away and enjoy the secrets of each

other's bodies. It was on this day, while the sun set, that we took out

first picture together: a selfie with a film camera! And 15 years later we

are still taking the very same picture together.

Someone once asked what I was most proud of. Without a doubt it's my

relationship with RJ and Benny. But after 15 years, I am very proud and

blessed to have such an amazing man in my life. It seems like yesterday and

yet forever.

It is with this feeling and nostalgia in my heart that I created

Kiss•Hug•Plug•Love–inspired by my love, our life, and the blessed ability

we have to be creative together.

While the end result of our work may at times seem effortless, it's often

the result of much turmoil and upset–the creativeprocess is not aways

easy–but so often it's worth fighting for. The same can be said for our

relationship. It's work! There have been many trying, painful, and

difficult moments in our 15 years together. Some days are better than

others. But how wonderful is LOVE. As I write this now, I can only remember

the best.

Love Always,

Jake Jaxson



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