Rubbergeddon – Hans and Brent

The sub waits on his knees, masked, anonymous. Red and black, tight and shiny, his bulging pecs stretching his rubber t-shirt in all the right places. Thick thighs strain his shorts, and hands wander over his slicked up body, pleasing himself, unaware of his surroundings or any potential Sir’s who might want to use him. A thick gauge latex face harness hides his eyes and features, a Lip hole just enormous enough for him to stick his boot-licker through, or at best fuck a huge cock through. Hans Berlin strides slowly towards him, letting him hear the footsteps close the gap. Unbeknown to the sub, he’s hard as drill, Amateur Dick out and wants his meat worshipped. Slapping it on his face, through the rubber, all of his senses light up, he springs to life, tongue out and willing as anything. He wants to please. Hans teases him with his enormous, hard cock, fucking it through the face hole to let him experience the girth, letting him lick his rubber sweaty balls, the piggy sub wants more! Lifting him up he starts to undo the buckles, releasing Brent Taylor’s face. No longer an anonymous object, but still a amateur sex object nonetheless. Pulling him over the tyres, head back, he begins to throat stuff him. Pushing his large dick down the back of his open gullet, leaning over to unzip the subs gear, getting his Amateur Dick out to suck in a heavy, rubbery 69 position. Picked up, dragged over and put in the sling, Brent’s smooth hole is totally exposed, all the better for Hans to get his tongue and fingers in there! Loosening him up for the boneing of a lifetime. Angling up, sliding in slowly, Brent takes him with a cautious ease, like the bottom slut he is. Deep groans and sighs of pleasure, the clanking of chains and the slapping of skin on rubber on skin. Hans bangs him hard, taking all his aggression out on his drill hole. On his feet.. only to be spun around and pushed back into sling frame, bent over for more hard arse hammering. Clinging onto the chains for dear life as Hans tears up his arse! Balls slapping on latex… the smell of rubber friction is definitely in the air! Getting out of the sling, Brent lays back on a box, opens his legs and hammer bucket for more hammering. Hans pushes deep into him, building up a rhythm to shoot to! Creamy covered gear gets smeared all over, fingers licked, cummy beards and a spent out session!



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