Taylor Reign & Max Konnor RAW ! | Trailer

Max Konnor likes a good bottom and Taylor Reign is just the right person to fill that position and as Max puts it, "work to get me off". Taylor wastes little time too, his Lip moving from Max's luscious lips, to his powerful pecs and to the Amateur Dick straining his briefs. Taylor teases it sensually but soon has it in his mouth and throat and is motivated even more by Max's Amateur Dick domination an ass play.

Max takes it up a notch by face drilling Taylor and changing focus to his sexy Amateur Butt. Max rims and tongues his tight hole and tantalizes it with his rod but doesn't give it to Taylor until he asks Max's way. He slides his raw cock into Taylor and gives him an ass-slapping deep raming. Max wants to take his time though and lays Taylor on his back to ram his throat right to the base of his Amateur Dick. And Max really tests Taylor by holding his Amateur Dick in deep while he bends over to rim him again.

Max turns Taylor and slams him on his back and makes out with him but soon moves him into position to give him the biggest thrusts in and out of his hole. Taylor's resulting loud moaning grunts keeps Max going and going where their momentum intensifies to the point that Taylor wants it even harder. Soon after that Taylor shoots a load over his abs and Max pulls out to cum over his freshly drilled hole. Intensity gives way to affection and mutual compliments for how good the other was.



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