Max Duran and Mikel Duras

Description:Its a steaming, saucy flip-flop – my favourite kind of fuckery! Max Duran – oh you know him, the snake hipped, battle Amateur Ass, uncut Amateur Dick all topped off with a hot body, stunning abs and a cheeky grin! and this time he's pitted against new summer Mikel Dunas, able bodied, massive picked, uncut off course and with a very sexy mean streak, this Amateur Hunk pounds as hard as he takes it and he luvs a juicy, uncircumcised dick – so he's in luck. The boys are stripped down for some heavy petting, nipple sucking and Amateur Dick worshipping – in that order, but who's gonna get kicked first? We know max LUVS cock, but then Mikel is a total cock-hound too? flip a coin? flip a bloke?



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