Adam Atlante gets his holes used by two dom tops // SPECIAL RELEASE //

Adam is in the wrong place at the wrong time for this somewhat experimental hardcore domination scene. It's the start of a bigger story that some might think is a little too extreme, but there's a lot here that's damn hot to see and I think you guys will agree. Adam is on the run through the woods when we join him, but he doesn't get far before the gang is on him and dragging him back to their lair. With two hard muscle Amateur Cocks needing to blast cum out he can do nothing as he's bent over and rammed from behind, while another drooling uncut Amateur Dick makes him gag, thrusting in and out of his Lip as precum drools from it. The pain of being banged so hard and used like that is only diminished by the humiliation of having a big load of cum pumped into his face. He's not the only one to be used by the gang, stick around for part 2 to be released soon.



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