CAUSA 653 Soren – 2 of 2

Soren | 2 of 2 | 39 | 6'04" | 195# | 8.5" | Shaved Head | Brown Eyes | Straight & Sexploring

As I've previously discussed, when I enter you (either via finger or toy), and your cock gets hard or stays hard, but you tell me that it's uncomfortable, I believe that it's a mental discomfort (an affront to one's perceived masculinity?) rather than physical. Such was the case with Soren & the wand — as we have witnessed many times before a la Diezel, Jamie, and many many before them. And that tends to be true of older Millennials & GenXers. As I've discovered over the past couple of years (and we saw last week with Mathew), younger Millennials & now GenZers are all about their buts – 'bout their butts. 🙂

So, while we can debate this ad nauseam, there's one sexual tell of Soren's that's not up for debate. As you'll soon see, leading into his cumshot, Soren's nipples are directly hardwired to his junk!



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