CAUSA 628 Domino – Part 2

Domino | 28 | 5'08" | 185# | 7.0" | Black Hair | Black Eyes | Straight & Sexploring

And once again, another classic CAUSA moment captured on video. That moment when a str8 guy is rimmed for the first time in his life: "Is he? Naaahh… Oh, shit!". I've not seen that face since Nate's first time being rimmed. The moments we remember, forever.

This was bi-racial (Dominican & African American) Domino's first foray into any sort of butt play — neither alone or with a partner. So, this was definitely a first-time sexperience for him.

It was interesting to watch his responses to such, both face down & face up. I noted a reflexive grimace just in anticipation of potential penetration. As a result, throughout you will see Domino go from that reflexive posture into newly discovered pleasure.



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