Alex Mecum & Cory Kane! | Tube Clip

Alex Mecum returns to Montreal to have some fun with Cory Kane! After spending a pleasant day in the city they simply can't wait to enjoy each other's company in other ways. Some sexy banter is followed by passionate kissing and Alex letting Cory's Amateur Dick out. However Cory is much more interested in getting Alex's shirt off, enjoying his beautiful body and sucking his cock. Alex is soon in under the erotic spell of Cory's oral skills and almost reaches the point of no return as he face drills him, but they slow down so Alex can get his taste of Amateur Dick.

Alex gets Cory naked and takes control, sucking his cock and making it bigger with his skills and breathless compliments. Alex too can't get enough, his mouth and tongue feasting on Cory's Amateur Dick and balls. He takes it a step further by pushing Cory's legs back and eating out his tight hole. And with his muscular body practically enveloping Cory, Alex slips his Amateur Dick in to poke him. In no time Alex humps him deeper and faster and his heavy breathing gets faster. Once again he gets closer as he rams Cory from the side, but he slows it down to try something new.

Alex moves his life-size sex toy into position to try out variation on a pile driver and has to hold out his arms to maintain his balance. While he's in an experimental mood Alex moves into an even more dramatic "reverse soaring eagle" position. Success! Alex moves things along and pins Cory to the headboard with his Amateur Dick, muscular strength, and deep kisses but he lets Cory finish himself off by riding his Amateur Dick. Cory slides up and down on Alex's cock and his thick load bursts onto Alex's hairy torso. Alex pulls out and delivers his own thick cannon-fire load on Cory's body. After another intense scene in Canada, Alex Mecum's theme song may be " I Left My Cum in Montreal" !



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