Calvin Banks & Pierre Fitch Flip-Pound! | Trailer

Pierre Fitch returns! The sexy superstar is back after a porn hiatus, eager to try out the newer Cocky Boys models…like Calvin Banks! Calvin is also excited to be with the 3.0 beefcake edition of Pierre. As they lie in bed kissing, Calvin explores Pierre's Amateur Muscles and soon he's skillfully sucking his thick Amateur Dick, visibly impressing the porn legend. Pierre returns the favor by hungrily sucking and deep-throating Calvin's large cock " Love that large dick". In turn Calvin deep-throats and sucks Pierre with even more enthusiasm, prompting Pierre's vocal responses…and even more sucking, this time as Calvin stands before him.

Calvin is almost brought to his knees by Pierre's amateur cock sucking and it incites him to give up his Amateur Butt first. Calvin bends over for Pierre, who cock-teases his hole and once inside him, he gives Calvin the full Fitch: dominant, verbal power hammering. At one point Calvin moves up on the bed and plays with his hole to seductively tease and excite Pierre to screw him on his side. Pierre goes all in again but in the throes of his intense topping he tells Calvin " I want your large Amateur Cock in my Amateur Butt" .

In a quick reversal of roles but not momentum it's Pierre getting nailed by a massive dick and Calvin quickly learns that top or bottom Pierre is highly vocal and can take anything. Calvin doesn't hold back, plowing Pierre to ball-slapping depth. He gets Pierre on his back and relentlessly nails him faster until he makes Pierre shoot a thick creamy load over his rippling abs. Soon after Calvin pulls out and blasts countless volley of cum all over Pierre! Is he impressed? Just listen to him as he lies there glistening with cum, bowled over by what just happened! Welcome back, Pierre!



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