Camp CockyBoys: Boomer Banks & Jacen Zhu! | Trailer

All Boomer Banks wants to do is make use of the lush Camp CockyBoys vegetable garden and picks some salad greens, but horny Jacen Zhu has other ideas. He's just spied on Danny and Allen Amateur Fucking and now he wants Boomer, so he mischievously interrupts him and playfully lures him to the pool for a "tossed salad". Although Boomer says he isn't in the mood, once he sees Jacen's enticing body floating in the pool on one of the giant inflatables, he changes his mind, if not his serious mood. Boomer steps into the pool to let his humongous Amateur Dick flop out over Jacen's excited face and eager Lip. He feeds his cock to Jacen who just can't get enough and takes out his own impressive Amateur Dick to jack off.

Jacen may be playful, but Boomer remains serious in his dominance. He tells Jacen to turn over and after balancing himself on the inflatable, Jacen's bubble Amateur Ass gets invaded by the full length of Boomer's torpedo. Boomer is relentless in screwing the very vocal Jacen who is insatiable no matter how much teasing and hard Amateur Fucking Boomer dishes out. Boomer's hard edge begins to soften slightly when takes Jaceb out of the hot sun and into the shade of patio umbrella. While nuzzling Jacen's neck he murmurs, "That felt so good" and proceeds to pound him standing up, deep and hard as he knows Jacen can take it, but with increasingly affectionate passion.

Jacen takes Boomer to the lounge chair where he saw his camp mates pluging and as Boomer lies back Jacen sucks his cock deeply. Boomer sucks him back but Jacen wants Boomer's Amateur Dick inside him. He gets on top and rides Boomer's cock and between his breathless sighs and moans Jacen tells him exactly how it feels. Boomer resumes control, pushing Jacen on his back to deep-screw him into gasping sighs and rock him upright and back down again until he stuffs Jacen to an intensely explosive cumshot. Boomer is ready but he coaxes Jacen to turn around and let him shoot over the butt he just pounded. Now, Jacen's ready to eat and as Boomer whispers to him, "Lucky for you I'm a good cook." To which Jacen adds, .."and a good screw"



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