Manuel Skye Pounds Peter! | Trailer

Visually oriented Manuel Skye wants to gaze at the lean-muscled physical beauty of Peter Pounder, to watch him do as he commands, and simply to please him. Amateur Muscle man Manuel simply sits back and quietly talks Peter into a slow strip-tease… which excites both men. As ordered, Peter shows off his smooth hole and plays with his balls while Manuel strips down and starts stroking himself. Manuel's private show gets more intense as he gets Peter to stand on top of the bed and flex his Amateur Muscles… an action which almost puts Manuel over the edge.

Manuel eventually tells Peter to lie on his stomach toward the edge of the bed and please Manual by sucking his hard Amateur Dick. In return Manuel periodically kisses Peter, plays with his hole and lets him orally worship his body. Peter not only responds without hesitation at every command, he becomes increasingly excited and passionate—as does Manuel. He flips Peter on his belly and rims and teases his raised-up Amateur Butt and tight hole. But he's still not ready for "regular" amateur sex. He stands Peter up and thoroughly sucks his Amateur Dick before carrying him over to the lounge chair where Manuel started off.

Peter lies back as Manuel face-bones him and quickly turns him over to rim him again. Finally, Manuel bangs him, giving Peter the full thrust of his power raming. Now unleashed, Manuel physically moves Peter about the room, first sitting him on his Amateur Dick and piston pounding him as Peter rides him hard. He then bones him in the full-length mirror so they can both look at their powerful dynamic. At last Manuel pounds him on his back and gets the ultimate visual stimulus: watching Peter shoot a massive load as Manuel bones his prostate. Peter obeys one last command: to sit on Manuel's face as the power top jacks off to another of his wildly explosive cumshots. One more passionate kiss ends their scene..but not their connection.



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