Outdoor Romance with Allen King & Taylor Reign! | Tube Clip

Taylor Reign and Allen King show that when you're horny and resourceful you don't need a bed or even a stick of furniture to experience an exciting afternoon of outdoor summer sex at Camp CockyBoys. They begin by kissing while reclining in a enormous hammock and in no time Allen has Taylor's Amateur Dick out of his shorts and in his Lip, sucking it passionately. Taylor clearly enjoys it, but soon wants to give Allen the same pleasure and seconds later Allen is standing next to the hammock feeding his Amateur Dick to Taylor's eager's mouth. Time to cool things down? Not quite.

Allen takes Taylor by the hand and the naked lads make a bee line for the outdoor shower where unfettered passion meets romantic sensuality. Under the refreshing water they embrace and kiss again but soon Taylor wants more of Allen's Amateur Dick and on his knees sucking as water continues to splash on his face. Allen keeps things moving by lifting Taylor up for more kissing before turning him around to play with his shapely muscled Amateur Butt. Allen wants more though and turns off the shower so he can move Taylor, bend him over and eat out his moist ass. Taylor's rock hard Amateur Dick tells Allen he's more than ready but he teases him just a little more before sliding in his thick tool and pokeing him as he holds on to the shower partition.

They find a groove as they bang standing up and get closer to orgasm, but Allen stops and takes Taylor by the hand again to another spot…by a rustic wooden fence. They kiss but this time it's Taylor who comes up with a new idea. Straddling the fence Taylor bends over and Allen eagerly follows to drill him doggie style…or is this now called cowboy doggie style? They change it up one more time with Taylor against the fence and his legs in the air on Allen's strong shoulders. Taylor hits the tipping point but dismounts to shower a kneeling Allen with a long-lasting thick load that looks like royal icing squirted from a enormous tip. Just like that they switch positions and Allen's thick Amateur Dick is glazing Taylor's torso. They kiss again with blissful satisfaction, perhaps knowing they may have raised the bar for outdoor amateur sex at Camp CockyBoys.



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