Service Trade

Do you like a handsome businessman with a huge hard-on hanging out of his suit pants? Or a calloused, sweaty and slightly dangerous workman with a big bulge in his jeans? Service Trade gives you both, pairing well-heeled execs with rough, tattooed, pierced and P.A.’d tradesmen. Like the commandeering bosses and the take-what-they-want workmen it depicts, Service Trade doesn’t waste your time with dialogue. These four satisfyingly extended half-hour scenes throw it at you non-stop, and feature ten classic Titan men in masculine, muscular, and continually raunchy action. Some of these business tycoons clinch their deals by getting into clinches that are sweaty and drenched in cum. And, the scene being San Francisco, it’s only natural that some of the execs find themselves being serviced by rough, handsome, and deliciously uncut Hispanic men. You’ll be well serviced by Service Trade, the latest feature from Brian Mills and Harold Creg.



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