Justin Matthews Bones Ashton Summers! | Tube Clip

It’s been awhile, but Justin Matthews is back and better than ever. With his rock-hard abs and equally rock-hard cock, he's more than ready to make one lucky and unsuspecting bottom run for his money. Good thing Ashton Summers and his perfectly round bubble-butt are ready and primed for the task.

The two start off with a passionate flare as Justin and Ashton kiss fervently, but things fire up quick. Justin pushes Ashton’s warm, small Lip down onto his huge Amateur Dick and then reaches around for Ashton’s hot, hungry ass. The two can hardly control themselves when Justin begins sucking Ashton’s Amateur Dick, getting him hard and all set for the pokeing that’s up ahead. Justin then bones his rock-hard Amateur Dick into Ashton’s tight little Amateur Butt leaving both of them breathless, sweaty and on the brink of not one, but two, really explosive cumshots.



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