Adam Ramzi Bones Justin Brody! | Tube Clip

Justin Brody knows what he wants and he's not afraid to take it when he sees it. He recalls a time when he was traveling with his parents and as soon as they were asleep he hooked up with a guy on Grindr who was staying in the same hotel!

This guy left the door open and had his Amateur Butt lubed and ready to be plowed. He was only interested in getting banged so there was nothing for Justin to do but walk right in and take what he wanted.

Justin recreates this scene with Adam Ramzi playing the part of the stranger. Adam kneels on the bed and whimpers while he waits for Justin to walk into the room and have his way with him. Justin walks right up and spits on his asshole before bending down and tongue pounding his ass. Adam screams his appreciation as Justin's tongue goes to work and lubes up that hole with spit.

Justin drives Adam crazy with a very length rim job then pulls down his pants and slides his rock hard cock into Adam's ass without apology. This Amateur Dude wanted to get boneed and that's just what he's going to get! Adam moans loudly as his Amateur Butt gets used to Justin's enormous cock and before you know it the two are grunting and grinding in perfect harmony as the Amateur Fucking picks up steam.

Justin pushes Adam back on the bed and climbs aboard for some rough stuffing. Grabbing Adam by the neck and his rails that ass for all he's worth. Adam's rock hard Amateur Dick cannot lie and it's clear that he's into being used as a nail hole. Is he ever!

Justin pulls out and turns Adam around so he can suck on that dick a little. Turns out this top is an amazing Amateur Dick slut himself and he slobbers all over that pole. A tender moment that makes the rough sex seem even hotter. Adam wants his turn so he turns Justin around and dives on that large Amateur Dick. Swallowing the length of the shaft all the way to the balls while Justin looks on helplessly. Enjoying every moment of a world class blowjob. Damn!

They move to the edge of the bed and Adam sits back down on Justin's Amateur Dick as the two rock back and forth in a beautiful Amateur Fucking motion. Justin picks up the pace and drives the full length of his Amateur Dick in and out of Adam's ass. The two notice the mirror over the dresser and spend some time admiring themselves as the fuck their brains out on the bed. This is pure electric sexual energy as two horny guys get off on each other in real time.

The stand up and move closer to that mirror as Justin continues to bang Adam from behind. Pounding his Amateur Dick into his asshole with pure animal passion. This does the trick and Adam grabs his Amateur Dick for a couple strokes before blasting a big load of cum all over the dresser.

He's still panting with delight as Justin turns him around and delivers his own load all over Adam's furry belly. They groan in unison as Adam smears that mess around and enjoys the feeling of his buddy's jizz.

They collapse in a passionate heap of sweat and kisses as the fantasy becomes reality and these two are done. Fucking hell, that's a hot scene!



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