Ashton Summers Fucks Cory Kane ! | Trailer

It’s a rainy day outside and Ashton Summers and Cory Kane are snuggling up inside while keeping each other warm. Cory was down to explore a bit but Ashton is an island boy so he likes the sun and wanted to stay in and play so of course Cory was happy to do that as well. As they lay on the couch and make out Cory’s hand slowly makes its way down to Ashton’s rock hard Amateur Dick and starts to play with it.

Ashton is clearly enjoying the attention so after a while Cory goes down on him to make sure that hard-on is well taken care of. Of course Ashton returns the favor by laying on his stomach and shoving Cory’s Amateur Dick down his throat while Cory is also playing with Ashton’s Amateur Butt. After sucking on it for a while Ashton says “I want it in my Amateur Butt!” and Cory obviously couldn’t agree more with Ashton who is already positioning himself on top of that hard Amateur Dick.

As Ashton slides down on it for the first time he bends over to give Cory a kiss before starting to ride his Amateur Cock like a champ! After bouncing on it for a while he turns around in a reversed position and just keeps riding it. But Cory is finally ready to take charge so he tells Ashton he wants to poke him from behind and Ashton immediately bends over to let’s Cory keep plowing him.

Of course things won’t be complete if Ashton didn’t return the favor and drilled Cory’s brains out as well so they switch positions and Cory lays on his stomach to let Ashton mount him from behind and nail away into his ass. Finally Cory lays on his back while Ashton stuffs the cum out of him which makes Ashton shoot a massive load as well. Rainy days are really just days meant for Amateur Fucking!



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