4061 Ricardo and Renzo

Ricardo Bacu and Renzo Garcia are in our first action scene from our new producer in Spain. The guys were definitely a little nervous in the beginning, but they definitely finished strong. They hit it off during the interview, realizing they were actually each other's type. They head off to the bedroom where their clothes quickly come off and Ricardo immediately sucks up Renzo uncut cock. While Renzo may have been enjoying getting his dick sucked I believe he truly wanted Ricardo's cock in his mouth instead. Renzo flips Ricardo around on the bed and begins working his oral magic on Ricardo's thick piece of meat. Ricardo is literally rock-hard in moments and before long he's got Renzo on his back where he's starts to push his cock deep into Renzo's hole. Ricardo goes slow at first, letting Renzo get used to his size. But, as Renzo's ass loosened, Ricardo's fucking became more intense. He pounds away at Renzo until Renzo absolutely loses it; in a good way. Without a hand touching his penis, he starts coming while Ricardo is still fucking him. He squirted out quite the load of jizz before he stopped cumming. Ricardo pulls out and coats Renzo in a load of his own love juice which is now mixing with Renzo's on his tummy.



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