CAUSA 618 Dawson – Part 1

Dawson | 25 | 5'10" | 165# | 7.5" | Auburn Hair | Hazel Eyes | Straight & Sexploring

Basically, you get to lay there, enjoy, and experience one helluva orgasm since I am wanting an actual sexual experience from you – not a porn performance. Your job, as it were, is to relax, focus inward, let go of your reality in the moment, and go to that place that gets you up & gets you off while tying it into the sensual touch you'll be experiencing all over your body. I do not film porn performances, per se; I am looking for truly natural experiences. So, here's where I'll direct y'all to dig into the variances of Dawson "performing" & Dawson having a natural sexperience. Go download the zip file of the members images in the largest size available.



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