Topher Dimaggio Bones Liam Riley! | Trailer

Topher Dimaggio and Liam Riley are chilling and talking about how they first met. These two have a bit of a history but that doesn't change the fact that they're totally into each other in every possible way. Liam digs Topher's masculine body and Topher likes how soft Liam is. Especially his asshole!

They start making out on the day bed when Topher makes the first move. He pulls Liam's shorts off and sucks his Amateur Dick before moving on to his perfect little asshole. Topher goes to town rimming his buddy as Liam enjoys every minute of the attention. But he's hungry for Amateur Dick so he jumps on Topher's thick Amateur Dick and sucks him while Topher continues to play with his Amateur Butt. The chemistry between these two lights up the screen as they grind into each others bodies and get ready for the main event.

Liam pops Topher's Amateur Cock out of his mouth and announces, "I want you to bang me!" Topher doesn't need a written invitation so he hops between Liam's legs and pushes his Amateur Dick into Liam's tight little hole. It takes a second to get used to that large intruder but before you know Liam is slamming his hips into Topher's cock and riding his buddy like there's no tomorrow.

Topher nails him doggy style before moving Liam onto his side as he holds Liam's leg up and hammers his cock balls deep with every thrust. Liam's own cock is rock hard so he starts stroking it while Topher fucks his ass.

The switch positions one more time and this time Liam hops on top of Topher and rides that Amateur Dick with unbridled passion. He's jumping up and down on his boddy's crotch when he says, "I'm going to cum" so Topher Liam's Amateur Dick and strokes it fast and hard until Liam shoots a thick load all over his rock hard abs. Of course Liam keeps right on riding Topher's Amateur Cock and bounces up and down on that thing until Topher is ready to bust.

He pulls out just in time to deposit his own load on Liam's smooth Amateur Twink belly and the two take a minute to admire the mess they created. Amateur Fucking incredible action by two guys who are genuinely into each other. It doesn't get any better than this!



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