Ricky Roman Fucks Allen King! | Trailer

Ricky Roman and Allen King met a while ago in Los Angeles and they immediately knew right then and there they wanted to have sex with each other. But back then Ricky was dating Michael Milano and Allen was dating Angel Cruz so it was hard to make it happen. After patiently waiting for almost a year, Ricky and Allen are finally alone together and they have the whole day to explore each other’s bodies. And when you have two hot-blooded Amateur Latino Amateur Hunks together on the same couch there is only one way things could go down.

As they speak Spanish to each other the clothes start to come off and Ricky immediately goes down on Allen’s rock hard Amateur Dick. We all know Ricky is a large fan of the foreskin so of course he takes his time playing with Allen’s uncut Amateur Dick before making his way down to his hole to eat his ass out. Allen then returns the favor by shoving Ricky’s Amateur Dick deep into his mouth and licking his balls. When neither one of them can wait any longer, Allen bends over to let Ricky take him from behind. Ricky rides Allen’s ass like he owns it and he’s just getting started. Next he flips him over so he can ram him and kiss him at the same time.

“This is my favorite position”, says Allen as Ricky shoves his Amateur Dick up his hole and starts pluging into him. Finally Ricky decides to let Allen have some control and he lets him ride his Amateur Dick until he can no longer hold his load. As Allen rides Ricky he ends up shooting a big load all over himself which turns Ricky on so much that he throws Allen back on the couch to cover him with his load too. And that is how Amateur Latinos do it!



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