Topher Dimaggio Plugs Allen King! | Tube Clip

Topher Dimaggio & Allen King have been flirting on the back deck all afternoon when Topher asks Allen how to say "I've been dreaming of your lips on my cock" in Spanish. Allen's eyes light up as he answers his buddy's question then says, "Why don't I just show you?" He walks right over and gets on his knees to start sucking on Topher's enormous cock. Things look like they're going in the right direction when a massive rain storm comes out of nowhere and soaks them to the nail. They hurry inside and continue to explore each others bodies inside the safety of the house.

Allen gets on his knees at the door and gets back to sucking Topher's cock as Topher's eyes roll back in his head and the pleasure takes control. Topher lets Allen get his fill of that Amateur Dick before bending down and kissing his buddy hard on the lips. The passion these two have for each other sizzles off the screen and Topher isn't wasting any time in taking things to the next level!

He picks Allen up and carries him from the door to the couch where he pushes up his legs and dives on that asshole. Licking and tongue raming his Spanish buddy's hole while Allen can only moan in appreciation. Topher moves his attention to Allen's cock and shows him what his Lip feels like. Allen's cock lurches to attention and his moans get a little louder as Topher works his magic. He switches between Allen's asshole and his Amateur Dick as their horny desire comes to a head and Topher reaches for a condom.

He slips the rubber on his Amateur Dick and slides it all the way into Allen's ass in a single forceful motion — burying his cock and causing Allen beg for more. They plug like crazy on the arm of the couch before Allen hops on his knees and aims his Amateur Butt at Topher's cock. Topher doesn't need a written invitation to mount his buddy from behind and the two screw doggy style as Alex bites the pillow on the couch and absorbs every ounce of pleasure he's given.

Topher sits back on the couch and gets Allen to sit on his dick and the two pick up the pace. Allen is bouncing up and down on Topher's big cock as Topher playfully slaps Allen's ass. Allen turns around and tells Topher's he's going to cum just in time for the cum to start flying out of his Amateur Dick. He coats his belly with a thick load of goo then slides off of Topher's cock and says, "Cum for me!"



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