Benjamin Blue Fucks Danny Montero ! | Tube Clip

Benjamin Blue and Danny Montero are two fun, crazy for each other, passionate guys who can’t seem to be able to keep their Amateur Cocks in their pants when they meet. As Danny admits “I’m a shy guy but within 5 minutes of meeting Benjamin he was already sitting in my lap” As Benjamin starts to tickle Danny he finds his weak spot is his feet but then Danny finds his revenge when he kisses Benjamin behind the ear.

As the two are giggling and throwing around on the bed the clothes start to come off and Benjamin reveals his rock hard cock. Danny wastes no time and starts to suck on it right away. Apparently Danny is a sucker for pre-cum because he licks every drop of it off of Benjamin’s uncut Amateur Dick. Clearly Danny is doing such a great job at it that Benjamin feels the need to turn him around and start smacking Danny’s Amateur Butt to leave his hand print on those Amateur Butt cheeks as he is rimming his hole to get it ready for some serious Amateur Fucking.

Danny is in pure heaven as Benjamin tongue rams his hole and opens it up before he slides his hard cock balls deep. First, Benjamin take Danny from behind doggy style and rides him hard for a while before pushing him down on the bed to really get deep in his hole. As Benjamin plows Danny’s ass like never before Danny can’t stop telling Benjamin how good his feels up his Amateur Butt. Of course Benjamin already knows that so he just keeps banging him harder and harder until Danny shoots his load over his head. As Benjamin sees Danny cumming all over himself he immediately pulls out to cover him with his cum shot too. Then it’s back to tickling.



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