Richard Ryder, Ray Diesel, Tezjork

Ever wake up next to a stranger after a long night of partying? Richard Ryder just did! Richard’s a smooth, hairless Amateur Twink who loves to cruise bars until he literally closes them down. Last night he pulled two big, black Bulls…but he doesn’t remember a thing. He woke up with a sore Amateur Ass, but he’s ready for Round 2. Richard uses his Lip to wake up the first Bull. Once he’s “up”, Richard turns his Lip to start waking up the second Bull. While Richard’s busy on his thick, black meat, the first Bull is warming up Richard’s tight, white hole. The Bull is about to split him wide open. Soon, both Bulls are awake and alert, and Richard The Twink has his Lip hammered with both BBC’s at one time! Of course Richard can’t get both in, but that doesn’t stop him from trying. And soon, the Bulls are taking turns on both of Richard’s holes at the same time! Richard can’t believe the feeling of being stretched so wide! He’s never experienced Amateur Dicks this enormous, and it’s so overwhelming, Richard’s not sure if he can continue the hammering. Being a good Twink, of course he can!! First, Richard drops his large load all over his six-pack stomach…and then he swallows both huge Bull loads! And with Round 2 complete, he’s ready for more!!



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