Topher Michels & Deepdicc

Since he started his own business as a plumber, Topher Michels has seen just about anything and everything clog up a homeowner’s pipes…until today. As Topher is running the snake through the main line, an endless stream of condoms are being being pulled out! After he finishes, Topher jokingly says to the homeowner, “excuse me for saying this, but you must nail a ton of amateur babes!” The Black Bull, known to his amateur sex partners as “Deepdicc”, flatly answers, “no…I only nail white boys.” Topher doesn’t know how to respond, nor does he know what to do when Deepdicc pulls out eleven inches of uncut black meat from his pants. “Wanna taste?” Topher’s always been curious, but he says, “I’m married!” Deepdicc laughs, as most of the white boys who end up in his bed are “straight”. Before long, Topher is sucking the biggest cock he’s ever seen in his life — and loving it! But can he take so much up his Amateur Butt? And will Deepdicc’s neighbors hear all the noise coming from the house?!



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