Brandon Jones & Benjamin Blue Flip Stuff! | Trailer

Benjamin Blue has been tearing up the screen since he debuted as a CockyBoy and Brandon Jones can't wait to get at that perfect little ass. But he's going to have to wait just a little bit longer because Benjamin is topping for the first time!

The chemistry between these two is evident as they look into each others eyes while they exchange the sweetest little kisses. Benjamin drops to his knees and pulls Brandon's beautiful uncut Amateur Dick out of his pants. He's impressed by the size of that tool and immediately takes it in his Lip. Swirling his tongue around the sensitive Amateur Dick head before swallowing it all the way to the balls. Brandon moans in appreciation as he's treated to a first class blowjob by one of the cutest guys in the world.

Benjamin pushes Brandon back on the couch and crawls on top of him. He's eager to try being a top and Brandon is totally into flipping so they don't waste any time. Benjamin slides his beautiful Amateur Dick into Brandon Amateur Butt and slowly hammers that hole. Gently gliding his cock in and out of his buddy before picking up the pace and Amateur Fucking him a bit rougher. He hammers Brandon's Amateur Butt good and hard as he stares into his eyes. Asking him, "Am I a good top?" Brandon can only stare back and say "Drill, ya!”

Brandon switches positions so he can ride Benjamin. It's amazing to see this little Amateur Twink's rock hard Amateur Dick slamming in and out of his older buddy's Amateur Butt as the two grunt and groan the afternoon away. Brandon is loving the rough drill he's getting but he's got his eye on Benjamin's ass so he flips the little Amateur Twink around and mounts him from behind. Whispering "Now I'm going to show you how I poke!:

The camera captures the blissful expression on Benjamin's cute little face as Brandon's Amateur Dick slides into his Amateur Butt. Brandon slowly works that hole while whispering gentle words of encouragement to his nail buddy. "You can do it, take that cock…" The two screw in a tangled mess of limbs on the couch before Brandon moves Benjamin to his knees and bangs him doggy style.

Brandon rams Benjamin's perfect little twink asshole until he's satisfied then the two switch positions one more time. Brandon tells Benjamin he wants to see him cum and Benjamin is happy to oblige! He looks right into Brandon's eyes as his Amateur Dick screws his Amateur Butt then shoots a huge load of cum all over Brandon's belly. This pushes Brandon over the edge and he pulls his cock out and aims it at Benjamin's smooth twink belly. A second load of cum flies through the air and these two studs are perfectly spent.



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