CAUSA 614 Adonis – Part 2

Adonis | 36 | 6'03" | 230# | 9.0" | Brown Hair | Brown Eyes | Straight & Sexploring

From soft whimpers to guttural grunts & snarls of pleasure, Adonis' first foray onto the CAUSA massage table & sexperience with direct prostate stimulation had his GBBC (ginormous) engorged & pulsing. This shoot with Adonis was a long time in cumming (pun partially intended) due to over a year of challenged communications on & off AFF. When we were finally able to make it happen, I wasn't for sure just how far Adonis would allow me to push his boundaries. Thankfully, he was open (another pun) to doing so. With his positive response to the rimming, I then decided to push further, and as with the many men before him on ClubAmateurUSA, Adonis now understands the pleasures of his "He-Spot."



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