Gabriel Clark Screws Zak Bishop! | Tube Clip

Gabriel and Zack were supposed to be napping but Gabriel's Amateur Dick has a mind of its own. Gabriel caresses Zack's smooth belly and gently kisses his shoulder until Zack starts to wake up. The two kiss passionately on the bed until Gabriel pulls Zack's thick Amateur Dick out of his shorts and says, "Nice…" He dives on Zack's Amateur Dick and sucks it deep into his Lip before coming back for some more kisses. These two are totally into each other and it shows in every movement they make. Zack wants at Gabriel's cock too so he pushes him back up against the wall and sucks his beautiful uncut Amateur Cock with all his might. Gabriel spits on a finger and crams it into Zack's ass before rolling him back on the bed and pushing his legs in the air. Gabriel eats Zack's Amateur Butt like a man posessed and drives his tongue deep inside Zack's body before swirling it around the sensitive hole. Lapping every inch of that hole while Zack lays back and moans with pleasure. Gabriel flips Zack over and shoves his thick uncut Amateur Dick in Zack's Amateur Butt with one quick thrust.

The two can't get enough of each other and they ram in a frenetic tangle of body parts and primal lust. The land in the doggie position and Gabriel screws Zack from behind. He slides his cock all the way out of Zack's hole and watches it gape open before slamming his dick back in there. He picks up the pace until he's jack pluging his Amateur Dick all the way in and out of Zack's hole who moans his approval.

Gabriel lays back on the bed and Zack hops on top and rides Gabriel's Amateur Dick as the two stuff in the late afternoon sun. This poisition does the trick for Zack and before you know it he's shooting a huge load of cum all over Gabriel's belly.



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