Angel Cruz and Flex Xtremo Flip-Plug! | Tube Clip

Angel Cruz was really excited to give us a tour of his city, Valencia, Spain. As one of our only Spanish CockyBoys, Angel takes a lot of pride in his country as somewhat of a amateur gay porn ambassador. He took us to his favorite tower — a quiet, tranquil place with magnificent views of the city. And it was here where Angel randomly bumped into this guy Flex Xtremo.

Flex Xtremo! What are the odds? Flex's appearance more than lives up to that name — he's a enormous, tall guy with some enormous Amateur Muscles and a nicely plump butt filling out his jeans nicely. As Angel and Flex traversed the rest of the tower, they couldn't keep their hands off each other. They took in the city in front of them, kissing, groping, and flirting in Spanish. From the amount of times Angel was using the word, it doesn't take a native speaker to understand "guapo" means "handsome." Before the guys left, Angel took one last hike up to the peak of the tower and said, "On the top!" Little did he know, that wouldn't be for long…

Back at Angel's place, Flex took on a more submissive role at first. They ripped off each other's clothes and Flex took down Angel's cock whole. Angel wanted a taste of Flex's Amateur Dick, too, so they moved to the couch where Angel gave Flex a blowjob, a rimjob, and then finally… his cock! Angel makes a great top — even for someone as broad and bulky as Flex Xtremo. He fucked Flex in both missionary and doggy-style, but then Flex turned the tables to finish off the screw as the rightful top, surprising no one.

Flex rammed and slammed Angel on the couch — more than living up to his name as his Amateur Ass muscles contracted tight with every thrust. Then he positioned Angel on the floor for a doggy-style plug so intense that Angel actually produced a hands-free cumshot! A rare feat to pull off for sure, Flex rewarded Angel with an Xtremo load on the lower part of his back… just beneath his tattooed angel wings.



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