Brandon Jones and Darius Ferdynand Flip-Bang! | Trailer

The thing about versatile guys is they're up for anything! They know what feels good when they're both stuffing and getting banged, so you could say they're true masters of the art of amateur gay amateur sex. Put two vers guys together, and you've got one explosively hot sexual feast! Darius Ferdynand and Brandon Jones pluged and sucked each other in so many different ways, there wasn't one hot button unpressed, one rousing fetish unexplored.

Brandon started off sucking Darius' famously humongous uncut Amateur Dick no sooner than Darius returned the favor and sucked off Brandon. But Brandon still wanted more of Darius' cock, so he went back for round two — giving Darius another amateur cock sucking which quickly turned into a rimjob. Darius wanted to do him one over, though, and then primed Brandon's hole with his tongue for the first screw. Darius almost immediately went in for the kill — Amateur Fucking Brandon hard doggy-style.

Brandon turned the tables again though, flipped Darius on his side, and spoon-pounded him until he was moaning for a completely different reason than before! Darius thought he'd try one last time to dominate Brandon though — at which undoubtedly he succeeded — by standing him up and plowing him up against the wall with urgency. But it wasn't until Brandon turned around, pushed Darius back on the bed, and pluged him face-to-face that finally pushed Darius over the edge. After Darius shot his load on his own perfect torso, Brandon came not long after… closing the deal with one very erotic final kiss.



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