Logan Moore & Alex Mecum Flip-Fuck! | Tube Clip

There's something about the outdoors that makes men horny… especially deep in the secluded woods, the only sounds being birds and planes passing by overhead. It's reminiscent of the earlier days of "cruising" in the Meat Rack, where guys were more savage, raw, and primal. Alex Mecum and Logan Moore proved to be a good example of those times — their hunky, slightly hairy, and very muscular bodies coming together without speaking a single word for some dirty flip-nailing.

Alex was on his knees in no time sucking off Logan's very thick cock. He could only get a few breaths in and out by the way he was engulfing it! Then Logan set Alex down on a nearby log and gave him the same treatment, his bearded jaw bobbing up and down on Alex's dick with vigor. Alex wanted a taste of Logan's Amateur Butt before he screwed him, but all Logan allowed him was a rimjob because he wanted to be the one to nail Alex first!

So Logan screwed Alex hard up against the log, before he moved him up to a tree branch and stuffed him from behind. Just as Alex was about to cum, Logan finally let Alex nail him. By this point, Alex was so horned up, he straight up fucked the cum out of Logan only minutes later. Alex helped finish off Logan back on the log, rubbing his balls until he shot his load all over his own pecs.



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