An Investor Calls – Job Security

Having signed the deal, the Cunningham’s can sleep easy now, though Miles has one last thing to deal with – Sam the Gardener. 
Armed with the video of Sam and the new houseboy Jasper, raming on the tractor, Miles decides to use this to his advantage.   He heads over to the woodshed and accuses Sam of slacking on the job.  Sam decides to show Miles how much he wants the job, by doing what he does best, and dropping to his knees.  He rubs Miles’ bulge in his pants before pulling out his giant uncut Amateur Dick and taking it in his Lip.  Miles knows he has the power as he face drills Sam, calling him ‘his boy,’ and demanding that he doesn’t stop.  They soon swap over and now Miles has him by the balls, with Sam’s rock hard Amateur Dick in his Lip. 
Before long Miles has him leaning out of the woodshed door, as he takes him from behind, not caring who could see them.  Sam groans with pleasure as Miles slams his Amateur Dick deep inside him.  He pushes his Amateur Butt back into Miles like the greedy power bottom that he is.  Miles is loving every horny second of it.  He bends Sam over the woodpile and show’s him who is boss as he thrusts harder and harder into Sam’s ass, until he can take no more.  He forces Sam onto his knees before showering his chest in cum.  This tips Sam over the edge, who shoots his own load as he passionately kisses his boss. 
Has he done enough to keep his job?  Miles sneakily grins as he reveals Jasper was let go that morning, Sam’s job was always safe!



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