Gabriel Clark Bangs Allen King! | Tube Clip

Gabriel Clark always likes to make sure the lines of communication are open between him and whoever he's about to plow, which is why he asked Allen King how to say "lick your Amateur Butt," "suck my Amateur Cock," and "I want you to cum on me" in Spanish when they first met. Since English is not Allen's first language, he loved teaching Gabriel the words for exactly what they were going to be doing a few minutes later.

Allen is still pretty new to CockyBoys, but he was a pro at receiving and giving Gabriel a amateur cock sucking. That was only a preview, though, because it wasn't long before Gabriel prepped and primed Allen's hole for his cock. Gabriel then completely reamed Allen in several different positions on his back, and then finally scooped him up and nailed him in the air!

We haven't seen Gabriel nail a willing bottom with such force and vigor in a long time — he was really, really into Allen! He almost wore himself out from all the pluging, but thankfully Allen got on top of a breathless Gabriel and rode him home. Allen came while still sitting on Gabriel's Amateur Cock, while Gabriel got back on his knees to shoot his load all over Allen's torso.



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