Caleb King Pounds Mickey Taylor! | Tube Clip

It's always interesting when a new CockyBoy like Mickey Taylor does his first few scenes with us. It's like he's at the buffet for the first time, trying out different guys and receiving a unique experience each time. One thing's for sure — he certainly wasn't expecting the wild boneing he got from Caleb King!

In a lot of ways, Mickey and Caleb are opposites. Mickey's got an inked up and pierced body with a very sensitive and passionate personality, while Caleb looks like a relatively clean cut boy-next-door but is actually an extremely rough and aggressive top! It's safe to say both Mickey and Caleb were in for quite a few surprises…

Mickey was in heaven as he sucked Caleb's thick Amateur Dick, and was even happier when Caleb returned the favor. But that quickly shifted into Caleb rimming him and then screwing him Amateur Butt up before he had a chance to catch his breath! Caleb then flipped Mickey on his back and nailed him some more before shooting a large load on his lower back.



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