Victor Cody Blows Cam Cox

Victor Cody calls in a roofer to replace some shingles, but soon has the working man’s Amateur Dick on his mind. After the work is done, Victor offers Cam Cox a beer and a blow job. Cam is horny and since his wife won’t suck his Amateur Dick he quickly accepts the offer. Victor pulls the workman’s trousers down and goes to work sucking his cock stiff. Cam pumps his hard Amateur Cock deep into Victor’s eager mouth, before Victor turns him over and licks his sweaty asshole. The taste of sweat and musk is so strong Victor can’t hold back and busts a enormous load all over Cam’s hole and up his back. Victor sits back down and feverishly sucks the roofer’s Amateur Dick, until he gets a mouthful that’s too much to swallow. The excess cum that runs out of his Lip and all over his arm quickly gets licked up by the hungry cock sucker.



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