Martin Dajnar & Zack

Hubba Hubba Hubba, you want 'em big, broad, hung, uncut and Amateur Bareback? yep? well we deliver in the sexy, spunky shape of broad-as-a-barn-door Zack and his very willing, very sexy bottom boy Martin Dajnar, who's now sporting a very handsome, very kissable beard, imagine that sweeping a tidy path around your arse hole, hmmm tickles! Martin's feeling the 'summer horn' – just as well because he's gonna have to be ready for a ploughing, fucking when he takes on Zack. Martin can't wait to get on his knees and worship at the temple of uncut cock, he's sucking on that joint like there's no tomorrow, before Zack spins him around to measure up his target. Martin struggles at first, not just with the size of Zack's cock but the sheer power and weight of being nailed by such a solid mass of Amateur Muscle, but once that raw Amateur Cock is well up there and Martin's hole is good and sloppy Zack can fuck the cum out of and into sweet sexy Martin!



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