GRAPPLD 2 – Round 1

In the blue corner we have Jeffrey Lloyd, cute and sexy, tight and muscular. Lightly covered in hair in all the best places and packing one of the biggest pieces of meat we have to offer on UKHotJocks. In the red corner we have Jayden Middleton, strong and striking, cheeky and hunky. Enormous, heaving, perfectly rounded chest, bursting out of his bright blue wrestling singlet. The boys meet head to head, butts on show, a quietness, a stillness before the action. WRESTLE! Taking this very seriously they try to topple each other over, soon enough they are rolling about and clambering on top of one another for dominance. Jayden is bigger and stronger but Jeffrey is leaner, quicker, it’s an even match. Arses get slapped, legs twisted and arms pulled. In sheer exhaustion they end up on top of each other, panting, breathless and extremely horny. Jayden is on top but they both put upon a good and even fight… FLIPFUCK! The kissing starts, passionate and soft after such a hard grapple. Then Jayden its the first to get his meat out. Straddled over Jeffreys face he pulls out his 8.5” thick Amateur Cock and slaps it around his face. Getting into a press-up position he lowers his hard meat into Jeffreys mouth, pushing it to the back of his throat, in and out, in and out. The enormous bulge in Jeffreys singlet gets too much so he whips out his unbelievably enormous cock, wanking himself off while getting a face Amateur Fucking. Spinning around they get into a 69 position, the only things separating them are the two massive weapons between them! Jeffrey gets up to let Jayden worship his monstercock, taking it as much down his throat as possible, looking up at him in an intense awe! Jeffrey gets back on the mats so Jayden can lower himself carefully onto his masterpiece of a dick. His face says it all, he’s loving it but man, his limits are being tested here! He bounces as best he can, taking all the length and girth of Jeffreys beast! FLIP TIME! It’s payback time and Jayden is eager to get at Jeffreys perfect Amateur Ass! Jeffrey grabs his singlet, his cock twitches and he holds on for dear life! Sinking his dark dick into him Jayden rucks and grinds him sensually before leaning back and fucking his sweet hole. Both boys are making a lot of noise, you can tell they want to blow! Jayden fucks the cum out of Jeffrey, his enormous Amateur Dick spraying onto his hairy abdominals. Jayden pulls out and adds to the load, they kiss, pant, sweat, they’re spent!



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