Aymeric Deville vs Max Duro

When Max Duro and Aymeric DeVille meet, there is fire in the air. Both are muscular bearded pigs and both are extremely hot for each other. At the beginning they kiss until their Lips are sore and then push their Amateur Dicks in. Both are gifted blow pigs and know how to handle a large Amateur Cock. Hard clap balls against the bearded beavers as both push their cocks deep into the throat.
But that’s just the beginning of your sexual desire. Max pulls his face to the ground and puts him hard on the tattooed ass. Aymeric’s Hole opens up through the blow and gives the view free to a sparkling rosette. Max shoves his tongue into the hot vagina and licks Aymeric skillfully into seventh heaven. Then he rams his gorgeous cock into the hole and plugs his way free. While Max plugs his object of desire from behind, from the front and lying down, Aymeric loses himself in the frenzy of his own horniness. Ramed like a piece of meat he shoots max his sperm load.



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