Andy and Tim

The innocence of Andy is what Dr.Hunter deals with on a constant basis. Andy has been seeing the good doctor for awhile and he’s coming clean: He has never screwed another guy before and he’s having issues with his sexual confusion. Dr.Hunter comforts his hot, young patient and his license to practice is jeopardized when things get extremely unprofessional. What happens next is the screw of legends.Andy’s killing two birds with one stone by Amateur Fucking a guy,and that guy happens to be black. Andy’s at his doctor’s mercy when he begins sucking on that massive black Amateur Dick. Dr. Hunter doesn’t seem to mind that the white boy who’s sucking his dick has a history of nailing chicks. Nevertheless, Alex’s sexual identity crisis is no longer in doubt the very second Dr. Hunter sticks his monstrous black cock deep inside Alex’s white Amateur Butt. The doctor-patient trust is broken as Dr. Hunter’s black pipe hammers Alex to the point where there’s no longer doubt as to whether or not he’s into guys. Alex’s session comes to a close when Dr. Hunter blows his black medicine all over his patient.



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