4379 Peter and Mark

Peter Lipnik is doing pushups in the park when Mark Fontana walks by. As he does, Mark catches a glimpse of Peter’s hot body and decides to sit down in a nearby chair to observe what Peter is doing. Peter notices that Mark is watching him so he motions him over. After a brief introduction the two decide they want to head off for a little sexual hookup. The passion builds quickly as they rip off each other shirts. Mark has one thing on his mind. He wants Peter’s cock; so he quickly helps Peter out of his shorts and swallows his cock as quickly as quickly as he can get his mouth around it. He works his magic on Peter until Peter needs for him to stop he’ll shoot his load too early. Peter directs Mark back on the bed and after Mark slides off his underwear; Peter makes a beeline for Mark’s long, thick cock. After an intense sixty-nine session Mark bends over the bed so that Peter can shove his rock-hard cock deep into his waiting ass. Mark takes quite the pounding; but, he’s got a surprise for Peter. He has Peter lay back on the bed, pushes one of his legs back and slowly pushes his cock deep into Peter’s hole. These two studs go at it hard until they can’t take it anymore. Peter is the first to lose it as he blows a thick load of jizz all over his stomach while Mark continues to pound his ass. Mark quickly pulls out and squirts a healthy amount of his own creamy cum all over Peter’s cum-drenched cock and hand.



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