CAUSA 587 Trygga Part 2

Well, I learned something about myself during this shoot with Trygga. Unlike an Anaconda, I am unable to unhinge my jaw in order to devour my prey. ??
As a result and alas, there was not much I could orally do with Trygga’s monstah BBC. For the record, it is the thickest cock to ever appear on the CAUSA massage table.
I’ve always found it ironic when a guy restricts himself to either solely top or solely bottom. In Trygga’s case, as he’s further ventured into his bisexual self, Trygga’s defined himself as solely a top. Now, quite frankly, if he wants to put his monstah in somebody else’s back end, then in the very least, he can take a finger and discover the joys of his own prostate. And so it was…
“You can make as much noise as you want to; we’re surrounded by brick and concrete.” Having been granted permission, Trygga came alive!



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