3950 Koby and Colin

New comer Colin White meets up with Koby Lewis in our latest scene. Colin makes it clear that he LOVES to eat ass and as Koby’s eyes roll back in his head you can tell that he can’t wait to get Colin’s tongue up his backside. Immediately after they interview each other Koby stands up, turns around and pulls his pants down with his ass pointed directly at Colin’s face. Well if that was not an invitation, I don’t know what was. Colin buries his face in Koby’s ass and works his tongue just as deep as it will go. Koby is definitely enjoying it as his eyes keep rolling back in his head. They slowly strip each other out of their clothes and when it gets to Koby; his rock-hard cock literally springs out of his shorts when Colin pulls them down. Colin eagerly woofs down Koby’s long, thick cock; enjoying every single inch and periodically gagging with pleasure as Koby kept burying it deeper. Ready to get his mouth around Colin’s dick; Koby pushes Colin back onto the couch. Colin’s cock is rock hard in his underwear and Koby teases a little before finally ripping off Colin’s shorts and sucking down ever thick inch. Koby and Colin finally both get what they want. Koby is bent over with Colin’s tongue giving him some pretty incredible sensations while Colin is thoroughly enjoying making Koby squirm with pleasure. Once Colin has Koby primed and ready for his thick cock, he slowly drives it all the way up Koby’s hole and proceeds to the fuck the shit out of him. The pounding continues for quite a while; but, ultimately Koby is the first to be sent over the edge. As Colin continues to pound his ass Koby starts spraying load of jizz all over his rock-hard abs and chest. The smell and site of Koby’s cum was all Colin needed. He pulls his cock out of Koby’s ass and blows his own load of creamy jizz all over Koby’s cock and abs. Yup, this one is HOT!



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