CAUSA 585 Fisher Part 1

Lions and tigers and bears, OH MY! Fisher is one of the most beautiful young men to ever grace the CAUSA massage table. It’s dayum-near intimidating.
Although Fisher had done three scenes with two other producers (solo, boy / girl, and topping a guy), I knew that getting him to slide onto the table might just allow me to introduce him to the joys of the male prostate. Although complete new to Fisher, he took it like a champ. As we’ve seen before, the mind’s eye to a newbie tends to believe that it needs to pee. So, not once, but twice, Fisher jumped up to run to the bathroom because he thought that he needed to go. lol
And wait till I get him flipped over and you witness his dancing, throbbing cock when I play with his nipples and balls simultaneously. It’s a sight to behold!



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