Jayden Middleton – Locker Jock

Smiley, sexy and buff as poke! Jayden Middleton takes centre stage in the locker room in a cute yellow and black combo, little shorty shorts and a fine mesh vest which grazes the top off each bulging chest and abdominal muscle. Laying back puts his hands in his pants and teases us by fingering his hole, without giving us a full show, yet. Playing with his big cock, getting himself hard before standing up and flopping it out. Pulling off cute and sexy at the same time, he really gives it all to the camera, staring down the lens and gasping as he hits his own perfects spots. Amateur Dick out and this boy is Large, thick and extremely impressive, curving up just slightly he’s arg as hell and needs to get off! Straddling the bench he’s really feeling himself, legs wide he beats slowly, with determination, edging himself closer. He lays back, abs tight and his chest bouncing with the vibrations of him wanking so hard, crunching up in a moment of release, he shoots his thick and creamy load over his dark skin, yum!



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