Classic CAUSA 208 Darin

Ten years later, Darin is living in the Pacific Northwest and looks better than ever. Here’s what I had to say about this Nervous Nellie, over ten years ago:
I’ve been eyeing Darin online for over two years, and he finally responded positively on Wednesday. So, I had him on the CAUSA massage table the very next afternoon.
As you know, I’m always trying to recruit a diversity of men for the site. It is somewhat of a challenge since I predominately hear from brown-haired / brown-eyed Caucasians. ??
With Darin’s fair skin, fair hair, ripped, compact body, and huge ol’ schlong, I knew that I wanted to capture him on video way back in summer 2005 when I first viewed him on my favorite amateur sex and swingers site.
As the old adage goes, Darin was as nervous as a whore in church given that it’s his first time being sexually stimulated by another guy. Add to that the fact that he’s an inherently quiet person, and you’ve got some rather subtle sexual intensity throughout this video.



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