Cast: Taz, Roy King, Clint Werner, Tony Montana, Bruce Jorn, and Kim. Produced by Toby Ross and directed by Butch Detroit. In this vintage gay sex video, foul-mouth photographer Clint Werner films a cast of hung, sex Amateur Hunks. Hung lover Bill Marlowe joins Clint in drilling his other half, pale and very boyish Ricky; preppy Jason Proust, club kid-like Douglas Wright, and boy-toy Jason Butler share a three way; and Clint does a gorgeous, pretty German tourist, eating his ass and foreskin. Dick-measuring by four humpy recruits prove amateur gays have the bigger cocks; a four-man orgy features massive, eight-inch and nine-inch hard-ons, hearty amateur cock suckings, and a stream of highly erotic, kinky sex talk. Japanese sergeant (Kim) pokes a great-acting, blond sex-pig (Taz) between the bars of his cell; and a heterosexual shoves his face into Amateur Butt for the first time (maybe)! The plot focuses on five marines, four amateur gay and one straight, bunking together. Baby-faced Taz previously saved the life of the straight Amateur Dude (well-hung Roy King), and is in love with him. To demean King, the other three have a dick-measuring contest to prove gays have bigger cocks. The Japanese-American sergeant (Kim) catches them in the act and takes them away to the stockade. What follows are three long sex scenes: the following barracks orgy, the sergeant with Taz, and Taz with his love. The four-man orgy is the longest scene, featuring enormous eight- or nine-inch hard-ons pushing their way out of uniforms, and a stream of highly erotic, kinky sex talk spewed from drooling Lips.



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