CAUSA 568 Yuri

The last week of December, I had both Luis and Rhys scheduled for their Round Two shoots, and both d-bagged me for a second time. So, I trolled the Craigslist personals for several hours and emailed quite a few potential models. Yuri was the first to respond, and based on the fact that he’s mixed-race Asian, I scheduled him as quickly as possible.
With a lithe, swimmer’s build, I figured that he’d do well with the membership. Upon Yuri’s arrival, I could tell that he was as nervous as the proverbial whore in church and tried to calm his nerves as much as possible.
Once filming began, he seemed to go into his zone, but once I had Yuri face up on the massage table, his nervousness reappeared, and then he got into his head about performing. I’ve been doing this long enough to know that once the guy on the table goes mental, ejaculating will take forever — if it happens at all.
With Yuri, we achieved what appeared to be two full-body orgasms but with no ejaculate. So, I decided that it was inevitable for us to break with filming for the day and re-approach at a later time.
Yuri was departing the following afternoon for a SoCal vacation, and he wanted to complete filming before travels (extra spending money, of course).
So, bright and early Friday morning, Yuri was back, and as the cliche’ goes, a new day had dawned. With him face down on the massage table, we began again. I chose to have him start face down because that’s when he was most relaxed the day before, and lo and behold, within five minutes Yuri exploded all over the CAUSA massage table.



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