Hal and Tom

Hal Moore walked into his computer class at school and met Tom Smith who was sitting next to him. It was not long before they both realized they were attracted to each other and Tom invited Hal back to his apartment during one of their breaks. The clothes come off quickly. Tom is incredibly muscular with a thick and already erect Amateur Dick. Hal is a lean young man with a dick as thick as it is long. Hal is the first one sucking up Tom’s thick piece of meat; his massive, heavy balls hanging there; just waiting for a mouth to wrap around them. Tom pushes Hal back against the sofa so that he can get his mouth around Hal’s cock. After Tom primes Hals ass with his tongue, he plunges his Amateur Dick deep into Hal’s hole and starts boneing him hard. Tom gets in a good ass pluging on Hal; but, he desperately wants Hal’s cock up his own ass. Hal rolls over; sitting up on the sofa. Tom squats down over Hal’s cock and slowly slides down onto it. Tom takes control and as he rides Hals’ cock he works his ass muscles stimulating Hal to have to pull out as he squirts his jizz all over Tom’s balls. Tom does not disappoint. He grabs his Amateur Dick and with a few quick jerks gives us a cum dump all over his chest and stomach.



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